Add a Touch of Timelessness to your Bathroom with Vanity Stone Benchtops in Sydney!



Add a Touch of Timelessness to your Bathroom with Vanity Stone Benchtops in Sydney!

by | May 14, 2022

Vanity Stone Benchtops: Are you looking to get a lavish, expansive, and luxurious bathroom where you can go for a retreat after a tiresome day?


With the right lighting, materials, and accessories, you can set up a perfect bathroom where you can unwind. All you need is a creative design team and a designer stone brand to get the image you have in your head. To get your perfect bathroom décor, you need the most opulent and elegant bathroom vanities.


Vanity Stone catches a lot of attention from friends and acquaintances as it is the core area of the bathroom. It captures all the glances, radiates luxury, and makes people go wow!


So shouldn’t it be made with such vanity stones that reflect beauty, opulence, and a lavish outlook along with durability and longevity?


Choosing the right Stone Expert


In this blog, you will get a proper overview of vanity stones. Read on to get detailed information.


Given below are some of the vanity stone brands:


WK Quantum Quartz:


Leading supplier of both natural and engineered stone, WK Quantum Quartz has all your stone requirements covered. It provides innovative designs to the architectural and design communities for unique Vanity Stone Benchtops in Sydney. 40 different varieties of stones are supplied by them.




‘The Art of Ingenuinity’ as the motto says, Essastone delivers superbly designed engineered stones, so beautifully finished that they give you a feeling of a complete work of art. A reliable and trusted name, AK Designer Stone is grateful to be working with them. It is perfect to get your benchtops, splashbacks, vanities, and feature walls.




With Caesarstone, you get finishes so beautiful, that they look like a masterpiece. They blend the most exquisite design with extreme durability. Get a lifetime warranty on stones with them. Get the perfect space created for you with high-quality stones from Caesarstone!


Smart Stone:


Vanity Stone Benchtops in Sydney and other interior décors are a perfect choice from Smart Stone. Smart Stone offers a new generation of engineered stones. Their hybrid print technology brings about a recycled formation of stones. They provide durable natural stones like quartz whose beauty is unmatched. Smart Stone meets the standards of innovation, sustainability, and durability like no other.


Vanity Stone Benchtops


Quartz Stone is the perfect pick for Vanity Stone Benchtops


With quartz stone, add elegance and timelessness to your bathroom vanities. Get exceptional design and add a touch of opulence and seamless beauty with quartz stone. It has several benefits that should be noted while choosing the stone for your Vanity Stone Benchtops in Sydney. Some of them have been listed in this section of the blog:


• Quartz stone is a hard stone and it has been found that it offers more durability than granite.


• It is a non-porous stone. Therefore, it is not easily damaged.


• Quartz stone is a highly dense product.


While deciding upon the stone for your Vanity Stone Benchtops in Sydney, there are some cons that should be taken note of.


Although quartz stone offers a variety of benefits like adding unique attractiveness and appearance to the space, there is a lump-sum amount that needs to be paid for it. Secondly, it is not heat-resistant as it is damaged by excessive heat.


Marble Stone is the perfect pick for Vanity Stone Benchtops


Known for its unmatched elegance and timelessness, marble stone has to be the perfect selection for Vanity Stone Benchtops in Sydney. Adding luxury and class to the space it is installed, marble benchtops exude nothing but an aesthetic pleasure and are so soothing to the eyes. Marble stone like other stones also has certain pros and cons which should be considered when opting as a stone for vanity stone benchtops. In this section of the blog both the pros and cons are enlisted. Read through them to get a detailed idea.


• Amongst Natural Stone Benchtops in Sydney, marble stone tops the chart in terms of beauty.


• For Vanity Stone Benchtops in Sydney, choosing marble is a good option as it exudes light because of its white and light colours, adding brightness to your space.


Marble stones are affordable to get and come in various designs.


Marble is not resistant to cracks or stains and so it requires proper care and maintenance.


If you are looking to get marble for your Bathroom Vanity, then get it with proper sealing to avoid any form of damage as marble is highly porous.


For Vanity Stone Benchtops in Sydney, hope you found the content in the blog useful. For any form of inquiry on stones and their installation, call us!

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