5 reasons to construct your space with stone feature walls Sydney



5 reasons to construct your space with stone feature walls Sydney

by | Dec 26, 2022

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Constructing walls with an inspiring look is something Australians look for.Stone walls can add value, character and an ancient touch to your space.If you want to add that value to your house you must try stone feature walls in Sydney. These walls are easily built and you do not need much arrangement for that. We are here to discuss some of the reasons behind choosing stone-featured walls. Let’s discuss this in detail.


Digging into the history of stone-featured walls


The stone walls originated late back in England about 15000 years ago. During that time stone walls were featured in castles and kingdoms. It was considered a high-value material for building architectural structures. These stone walls were associated with the colonial era of New England at that time. Later because of their artistic appeal they started gaining popularity in other western countries as well. Soon the stone-featured walls were constructed in different spaces from houses to museums. This added an ancient value to the spaces. By the 18th century, the stone walls came to their peak and that period is especially known as the “Golden age stone building”. This was mainly because churns of stones were removed from the forest and sold in the construction market. After the golden age of wall stones, people started using them in their houses more and the demand increased for them.


There was a time in between when stone features walls were linked with mythological designs and patterns. Many religious places were built with stone-featured walls and even represented the poetry and romanticism of that era. Thus it is said that stone walls can be constructed in all shapes and sizes as their edges can be modified easily with infrastructural designs.


Stone Feature Walls Sydney


Rise of Stones:


After the rise of stones in the 18th century, architects learn to improve their finishing and started creating designs that are suitable for different spaces. Now the wall stones were constructed for small to big houses. Since the construction of featured walls was a little complicated, architects come up with innovative ideas to incorporate them easily with the modern infrastructure. Thus it is said that stone walls can be constructed in all shapes and sizes as their edges can be modified easily with infrastructural designs.


Today you see houses with stone-featured walls adding a royal value which gives a glimpse of the early 18th-century infrastructure and the rise of stone walls in that period. So why not try it in your space? it looks sober and has a strong resilient power which is an added advantage.


Reasons you must try stone featured walls in Sydney


The harsh weather patterns of Australia affect the houses of the residents. Imagine someone having an ancestral property in Sydney and due to the uncertain climatic conditions, the house starts to deteriorate. Stone feature walls in Sydney are a great way to renovate your home without spending too much money. They are easy to build and maintain, and they can add value to your property.There are many reasons why you should consider constructing your space with stone feature walls Sydney-


Visual impact


While entering your house you do not want to see an ordinary space with an absence of innovation and design right? Then you must try a featured stone wall for your space. The visual impact of the stones is impeccable. It gives an ancient vibe to your house. The house looks unique and classy. When you have an aesthetic appeal to your house you feel positive and confident. Thus if you are looking for beautifully constructed walls for your space you must try stone-featured walls.




Do you think that visual impact is not enough to choose this type of wall for your home? Then let us tell you that stone-featured walls in Sydney are not only appealing but they are strong as well. You do not need to doubt the durability of the stones. It is a resilient and damage-free material. If you are renovating your space you should choose something that is strong and suits your space. Stone-featured walls serve both purposes.


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Easy installation


Installing stone-featured walls in your home is an easy process. Though it is labor intensive because of the smooth finishing customers look for. But if the design and structure are pre-decided then it does not take much time to get it installed. You can also choose some amazing designs from AK designer stones.




The versatility of the stones is high. It has many different types which you do not get in other types of walls. It is flexible for different types of spaces and the interior look of the house. There are natural stones available that you can choose for your kitchen and washroom interiors as well.


Long shelf life


Once you install the featured stone wall at your home you can sit and relax for a long period. Featured stone walls have a great shelf life because of the quality you get from them. This is because of the natural material and not artificially made. Featured stone walls are a result of a return on investment.


Sum it up


The renovation of your house is very crucial with changing climate of Australia. Featured stone walls are a great way to update your home in such conditions. AK designers have come up with different renovating solutions for you. We give you the opportunity to experience the best home interiors with our collection of featured stone designs. You won’t find a better selection of stones anywhere else.Then why to wait? Try some fascinating interior designs set up with the best stones for the construction of your walls. Connect to us now for more details!

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