An Insight Into Natural Stones Benchtops in Sydney



An Insight Into Natural Stones Benchtops in Sydney

by | May 14, 2022

Are you looking to get Natural Stone Benchtops in Sydney, for your kitchen or bathroom renovation? Natural stones have widely been used for construction or decorative purposes. Natural Stones are the popular choice of people for kitchen and bathroom renovation and remodeling. There are a variety of natural stones that you might like to read about in this blog. They are as follows:


Exuding timelessness and a forever elegant look, marble is a perfect choice if you are looking to give your home decor both a luxurious and an elegant look. Owing to the aesthetic pleasure it offers, marble is high in demand. As it is naturally derived, its production is slow. Thus, the cost is high. Still, getting marble benchtops for your kitchen and bathroom is a good choice if you want to go with Natural Stone Benchtops in Sydney. Add class and aesthetic exposure to your space with marble stones!


Amongst all the natural stones, granite is the most popular choice with customers owing to its high durability, longevity and it’s little to low maintenance. Granite is attractive and adds luxury to the space it is installed. Also, natural grains on its body elevate its beauty.


Adding aesthetic beauty and opulence, quartz stone makes the best Natural Stone Benchtops in Sydney. It adds a touch of elegance to the space it is installed in. Harder and offering durability, quartz stone is nearly indestructible. Quarts stone requires low maintenance as it is resistant to heat and scratch. Highly desirable for kitchen benchtops, quartz stone can withstand daily wear and tear like no other.


Travertine, a natural stone is quite a good choice. It offers durability and stands the test of time. Travertine requires low maintenance. It is expensive but adds real state value so it could be a good choice for home.

Calacatta White Marble Stone Table TopsNatural Stones VS Engineered Stones

This section of the blog will give you an insight into Natural Stone Benchtops in Sydney and engineered stones.

There are several factors to be kept into consideration when deciding upon the kind of stone for your kitchen or bathroom renovation. In this blog, you will read point details on natural and engineered stones with bold comparisons between them.

Strength and Durability: Both natural stone and engineered stone offer strength and high durability. They can withstand pressure and the test of time. However, one difference that must not go unnoticed is that in terms of resistance to chip and scratch, engineered stones offer more resistance than natural stones. Natural stones are prone to scratch.

• Maintenance:

Natural Stone Benchtops in Sydney is low maintenance and so do engineered stones. Both can be cleaned with a soft cloth soaked in warm water.

• Cost:

Almost having the same cost, both natural and engineered stones however differ in their resell value. If you are looking to sell your property then go with natural stones. Natural stones installed in your current home would fetch you more money in comparison to engineered stones.

• Source:

As the name suggests, natural stones are derived naturally from organic rock that is extracted from the earth. Owing to the increasing demand for natural stones, engineered stones are manufactured to bridge the gap between demand and supply.

• Aesthetics:

Natural Stone Benchtops in Sydney adds natural beauty to your space. However, if you are looking for options in aesthetics, you should always go with engineered stones because they come in a variety of colours, patterns, and designs.

Benefits of Natural Stones

From the above given distinction between natural and engineered stones, we can come to the analysis that natural stones have several benefits which should not go unnoticed. In this blog you will read about the benefits of natural stones which have been listed below:

• Natural stones offer high durability and longevity. It offers strength and can stand the tests of time, thus being the best choice for Natural Stone Benchtops in Sydney

• Natural stone requires little to no maintenance.

• Natural Stones can be bought at affordable rates and it enhances the real estate value.

• Natural Stone adds aesthetic appeal to the space. Stones like marble and quartz add elegance and timelessness to the space it is installed in.

• Natural stones are widely used for Vanity Stone Benchtops in Sydney.

• The production cost of natural stones is low because it is derived naturally.

Having a list of benefits, getting natural stones also has certain cons. The first is its vulnerability to scratch, stains, and cracks. Secondly, the supply of natural stones runs out, owing to its natural source of derivation. The production is slow. Thus to balance the supply of Natural Stone Benchtops in Sydney, engineered stones are manufactured.

Benefits of Engineered Stones

Having got an overall view of natural stones and their benefits, let us briefly discuss Engineered stones. The benefits of engineered stones are listed below:

• Engineered stones are extremely beautiful. To carve a perfect benchtop out of it could be a superb idea. Adding glamour to your home décor, engineered stones give a classic look to your space.

• Made from crushed rock, engineered stones offer durability like no other natural stone and can sustain the toughest of conditions. Hence benchtops made out of engineered stones are more durable and tougher than any other Natural Stone Benchtops in Sydney.

• Available in a variety of patterns, designs, and colours; getting engineered stones according to the interiors of your home would be quite feasible.

• Cheaper than natural stones like marble and granite, engineered stones are more pocket-friendly.

• Engineered stone requires low maintenance. A simple cleaning with a mild soap and damp cloth would do the trick!

With the benefits of engineered stones, there are minor disadvantages that should not go unchecked. These stones are prone to heat damage so putting on any hot utensil or instruments should be avoided. However, one must also know that For Kitchen Benchtops in Sydney, quartz stone is the best option amongst because it is heat resistant; also it adds a touch of opulent beauty and attractiveness.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. For more, kindly get in touch with us. Feel free to send in your queries. Most importantly, keep your home well-sanitized and hygienic to stay away from all kinds of infections.

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