6 types of granite bench tops in Sydney you must try



6 types of granite bench tops in Sydney you must try

by | Dec 26, 2022

Bench tops are a necessary part of the kitchen nowadays. A bench top makes your daily work kitchen easy. Also, it adds premium value to the interiors of your space. Different types of kitchen bench tops s are available in the market. If you are planning to renovate your house you must try Granite bench tops s in Sydney. They are durable, strong, and have great resilience power. The surface of the granite bench tops stays hygienic and clean for a long time as the material is protected from bacteria. It is a natural stone that has a shining appeal to it. You can now upgrade your house with the best kitchen bench tops s with AK designer stone.


Types for granite bench tops in Sydney


When you renovate your kitchen the first thing that comes to your mind is the addition of slabs and bench tops. A good quality bench tops makes your work easy and keeps your kitchen essentials in the right place. It makes your kitchen look organized and clean. You can handle the cooking process efficiently if you cook on a bench tops. So why not choose the best material for your kitchen bench tops? Granite bench tops can be your choice. They have an aesthetic appeal that makes your interior look striking. There are various ideas for granite benchtops in Sydney that you may like-


Jet black granite


If you want to add a classy touch to your space then you must try Jet black Granite bench tops . It looks stunning in a kitchen space because of the finishing it has. It is specially constructed for bench tops and bar tops. Jet black granitebench tops complement your kitchen designs completely. It is suitable for all types of kitchens. The quality of this granite benchtops is also high. The best part of his bench tops is that it is easy to clean. The dark texture of the granite helps you see the stains easily on the surface of the bench tops which helps in proper cleaning.


Creamy white granite


If you like a sober look in your house then you must try colonial white granite bench tops in Sydney. It gives a calming effect in the kitchen which refreshes your mind when you enter in the morning. Colonial white granite is a combination of pale grey and silver color with speckles of Jet black in it. it adds value to your kitchen and looks beautiful with a white interior setup. It is highly durable with a strong surface.


Cosmic Black


Upgrade your kitchen with beautifully designed cosmic black bench tops. Its soothing appeal enhances the look of your kitchen. The surface of the cosmic black granite bench tops in Sydney is made up of glittered golden crystals with black color. it is widely used because of the robust nature of the material.


Engineered Stone Splashbacks



Picking up the colorful appeal in the kitchen is not that bad. If you like your kitchen to look vibrant then you can install Solarius granite bench tops . This granite is a combination of grain dark patterns with a golden shade in the background. It gives a warm environment in the kitchen.




Do you want a bench tops that is creatively designed and has a durable material? Then you may like Titanium granite bench tops in Sydney. The material has strikes of white color patterns in a waving shape. This granite is also famous for having an irregular shape with a deep black background. It can make your kitchen spacious and functional.


Vino Grigio


Vino Grigio is a grey granite stone with brown speckles in it. The granite stone is very rare because of its look. it upgrades your kitchen with a luxurious appeal. You can clean it easily with mild soap and the surface also prevents splashbacks which is an added advantage.


Granite Bench Tops


How you can maintain the granite bench tops


Always keep in mind that your kitchen needs less renovation when you maintain it properly. So whenever you add a bench tops in your kitchen you must take proper care of it. Here are some basic tips for kitchen bench tops –


• Use mild soap or detergent to clean the granite bench tops . Apply the solutions gently on the surface and then clean them with a cotton cloth. This helps in retaining the smoothness of the bench tops.

• Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the Granite bench tops . It makes the surface rough and affects its striking appeal of it.

• Do not keep citric vegetables and fruits directly on the item. The juices of these can affect the surface of the item after constant use.

• Do not do the chopping and cutting directly on the bench tops . Scratches and dents may appear after some time which impacts the look of the bench tops

• Always try to wipe the surface of the granite bench tops with a dry cloth immediately after cooking. This keeps the bench tops hygienic.

• For season maintenance always try to seal the areas which get damaged after some time. You can check it by splashing some water drops on the surface of the granite. If water stays in some areas of the slab then you must reseal it for long-lasting shine.


Why us?


Since you have a variety of options available you may choose the one most suitable for your space. You can always check about more detailed specifications of the granite stones before you place an order. To get good quality granite benchtops in Sydney you must choose a reliable company with good renovation solutions. AK designer stone has come up with a variety of granite stone bench tops specially designed to upgrade your kitchen space. We are operating with one of the best suppliers of granite bench tops. Customer centricity is the main aim of our company so your valuable feedback is very important to us. You can check our website to see the services were are providing. Get the best granite bench tops in Sydney today with AK designers’ stone.

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