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AK Designer Stone we have been offering wall cladding services for many years now in the Sydney region. Stone cladding range is cut smooth on the back and chipped in the rest to help to create a natural look still providing easy application to all suitable flat surfaces with exceptional results. We know that the finishing details in wall cladding materials are extremely vital and offer a range of interlocking corner edgings, capping and column solutions for all our stone wall cladding range in Sydney. The finishing Detail is key when we are working with stone cladding materials, the corners and capping pieces will create an authentic solid look that helps complete the end of the wall.

AK Designer Stone wall cladding is perfect for residential landscape projects, home builds and renovations and commercial building designs. Whether you are looking for either interior or exterior wall cladding for an indoor or outdoor fireplace or patio wall, feature walls or simply looking for bathroom tile ideas, we have the solution for you. If you have been daydreaming of a limestone wall or a slate tile, give us a call. From landscaping wall cladding stone through to architectural wall stone, you will discover everything you need at AK Designer Stone.

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If you have a question regarding out stone wall cladding services? Or Maybe you just need some technical information or specifications? Drop us a line and one of our expert team members will get back to you as soon as we can.


AK Designer Stone is one of the leading companies providing wall cladding in Sydney and allied areas. Wall Cladding is done by cutting the back of the stone and creating an even surface for stone cladding. This assures seamless finesse and great accuracy.

Wall Cladding can be done on an array of surfaces including metal, bricks, stone, aluminum, vinyl, etc.

The different types of Wall cladding in Sydney include:

  1. Stone Wall Cladding
  2. Metal Wall Cladding
  3. Brick Cladding
  4. fiber Cement Cladding etc.

Stonewall cladding in Sydney is one of the most sustainable forms of cladding option. The sturdiness of the stone and versatility of cladding makes it ideal to have stone wall cladding for the alluring appearance and long-term peace of mind.

No, expansion joints are not imperative for marble wall cladding but they may be required depending upon the type of structure, nature of joints, concrete strength, and much more. You can connect with our technical experts to know more about expansion joints and wall cladding in Sydney.

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