5 uses of Quartz Stone benchtops in Sydney you must know



5 uses of Quartz Stone benchtops in Sydney you must know

by | Dec 21, 2022

Quartz Stone Benchtops: A perfect material that adds beauty to the house, so when you plan to renovate your house try to make the best choice. Do you know, adding quartz stone to your space can help you upgrade your house resourcefully?


Quartz stones are natural materials used for making benchtops and bathroom walls and floors. There is a rise in the demand for Quartz stones because of their smooth finishing and appeal. They are suitable for all types of interior structures. Let us learn about the uses of Quartz stone benchtops in Sydney.


How do Quartz stone benchtops compliments your house?


Benchtops are solid surfaces that are installed commonly in the kitchen to keep items sequentially and to maintain hygiene. The smooth surface of the benchtop makes it an easy-handling material. It adds an aesthetic value to your space with the shine and texture it has. It beautifully lights up the whole design of the kitchen.


You can always choose the design you want by AK designer stone. You need to have the best quality material stone which lasts long. Quartz stone benchtops are durable and resistant. Also, they offer a natural appeal to the house which makes your home look sober.


The kitchen area is the heart of the house and adding a good design makes it more attractive. So why not try a Quartz stone benchtop in the kitchen? You can keep all your essentials on the benchtop while cooking. It makes your work easier in the kitchen


Apart from the usefulness of the benchtop, you can also get a striking look for your space. Depending on the structure of your kitchen you can choose the best designed Quartz stone benchtop. There are different size shape colors and designs of Quartz stone benchtops which you can select as per your structure and appeal. Add a classy touch to your kitchen with the best Quartz stone benchtops in Sydney.


Quartz Stone Benchtops


Exceptional uses of Quartz Stone benchtops in Sydney


Now that you know that Quartz stone benchtops are mostly used in the kitchen so is it worth installing them at home? The answer is yes. There are some other uses of Quartz stone benchtops in Sydney that you must know. Let’s find out.




Floors face heavy foot traffic regularly. From your family members to guests everyone keeps moving around the house. You need to have good quality material flooring in your space for that. Quartz stone benchtops can be used on the floors. It is durable and smooth. So you can avoid damage issues on the floor because of regular usage.


Washroom vanity


If you are looking for a good vanity top in your washroom then you must use Quartz stone benchtops. It is a hygienic choice for your washroom. you can clean it frequently and the material remains the same. Install it behind a mirror in the washroom so that you can do your touch-up easily with your grooming essentials.


Bathroom Benchtops




Back splashing is a common problem we face while cleaning our utensils or while getting fresh. Now we can completely avoid it with the best quality Quartz stone benchtop in Sydney. It protects the walls and delicate surfaces from water splashes. It is mostly installed around the basin for safety.


Space walls


To cover the damaged parts of the walls in the house you can always use Quartz stone benchtops. They help in sealing those spaces effectively. It also gives a fascinating look to the house. It has a practical value in the home which you must experience. Try Quartz stone benchtops by AK designer stone.


Fire protection


At home, there is a lot of use for heat applications. Chances of accidents are there because of that. So you need a material which protects your house from fire. Quartz stone benchtops can be used for fire protection. it also adds a modern look to the house.


The process of maintaining Quartz Stone Benchtops


For a long shelf life of Quartz Stone Benchtops, maintenance is important. While installing it you must know how to retain its quality. Follow the steps mentioned below for quality retention of the benchtops


Avoid chemicals and use mild detergents


Despite having good durability quartz stone needs proper cleaning. To do this always try to use proper detergents and soaps. The category of the detergents should be mild always. A mild detergent helps in removing the grease and other dirt without affecting the surface of the benchtop. If you use chemicals for a long time the surface may start fading. This further damages the material. So for long-lasting shine, a chemical-free solution is advised to apply.


Avoid direct use of sharp objects on the surface


Always try to use proper equipment in the kitchen for cutting and chopping your vegetables and fruits. If you cut your raw food directly on the benchtop, you may see scratches coming because of persistent force on the material. Avoiding it helps in long-lasting results of benchtops.


Keep it dry


A benchtop usually comes in contact with water and oil in a day. So to protect your quartz stone benchtop from that try to keep the surface dry. You can do this by cleaning it immediately after using it. Wipe the surface of the benchtop frequently to keep it dry. Also, avoid keeping oily plates directly on the surface. Always keep a napkin below the utensil before placing it on the benchtop. It helps in keeping it stain-free.


Final thoughts


With the latest trends of modern looks and designs of kitchen Quartz stone benchtops, you can experience a royal touch at home. The benchtop finish is smooth which makes it suitable for other spaces of the house along with the kitchen. Make your house more fascinating with the best Quartz stone benchtop by AK designer stone. Let’s make your house a better place with captivating benchtops. Get consultations from us and start upgrading your space. Make your interiors unique and creative with us now!

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