Types of Travertine Stones in Sydney



Types of Travertine Stones in Sydney

by | May 14, 2022

Welcome to yet another blog on AK Designer Stone. We have got a different topic than granite, marble, and engineered stones today. We shall be finding out a lot of things about Travertine Stones in Sydney.


Travertine is a type of limestone. The process of its formation is interesting. It is formed by prolonged mineral deposits from natural springs. The flow of water carries minerals within and keeps depositing them on the rocks. It is a slow process and not all countries have an abundance of travertine.


There are many options in Travertine to choose from. Following are some of the commonly found travertine Stones:



Polished ones have a sheen. For those who do not like matte and dim finishes, the polished ones are a good one to go for. If your definition of luxury is high shine then this Travertine Stones Sydney will not disappoint you. If you like a glossier look then maybe you should try to find out about Granite Stones in Sydney.




If you are given a choice between a matte finish and a shiny finish then what would you choose? If you will go for the former then the honed one is what will suit your taste and preference. A honed look is achieved by fabricators through the process of grinding and buffing.




If you like to have a rustic or a French café look then make sure you go for the brushed option. It has a matte finish and looks sophisticated.




Furthermore, in this discussion of Travertine Stones in Sydney, there is a variety called Tumbled. Pieces of stone are cut and placed in a plastic barrel along with abrasive grit and some water. After the process is over the travertine stone gets a worn outlook. This worn look does nothing but adds a lot of charm.


A Variety of Shades in Travertine


The range of shades available in travertine is quite appealing to people who are a fan of monochromes, subtle tones, and neutrals hues. Common shades include brown, beige, taupe, and grey. One must also take into consideration the fact that travertine is a natural stone. Travertine Stones in Sydney and around the world will show some degree of variation from project to project. If you do not like variation, then going in for engineered stones could be a good option for you.



How much does travertine cost?


Here, let us find out how much one has to pay to have travertine installed at home. Whenever we are looking for some stone installations, there is a good deal of money involved. We must do some research and receive a few quotes before deciding to spend some good money. So, I highly recommend you make sure you have talked to more than 2-3 dealers or suppliers before spending your hard-earned money on Travertine Stones in Sydney.


Overall, the cost of travertine will highly depend on the kind of travertine you are going for. There are different kinds of travertine. Which one would you like to go for? If you are unsure about what type of travertine you want to go for, contact experts at AK Designer Stone, and surely you get to know a lot about travertine.


AK Designer Stone is the right place for Granite Stones in Sydney as well.


Where is Travertine mostly used?


This beautiful-looking natural stone is installed in bathrooms. It is prone to scratches. You will have to be careful when moving heavy stuff over it. The natural texture of travertine is a bit coarse which makes it non-slip. Since it has a non-slip feature; it is highly suitable for bathrooms. Please note that travertine is non-slip only when it is unpolished. One of the areas where travertine is highly used in the pool area. Areas around the pool need to be non-slippery for the safety of swimmers. This makes Travertine pool tiles a popular choice in the construction of hotels, resorts, swimming clubs, and so on. We hope you are gradually forming a clear idea of Travertine Stones in Sydney.


When Compared to Marble and Granite


Compared to marble, travertine is harder. However, it is not as hard as granite. So, you may say it is somewhere in the middle between marble and granite. One also has to note that for the pool area, travertine is the only option to go for. It is recommended to not go for marble or granite for the pool area. Also one must avoid going in for any other engineered tiles as they too are slippery.


Global Sources of Travertine


We know a lot of things about travertine, already! Why not find out a bit about its source? So, from where is it sourced?


China, Turkey, Peru, and Mexico are the four leading producers and suppliers of travertine. There are reserves of travertine scattered all over the world as well. Travertine has a stable global supply. Getting your hands on good quality travertine is easy once you are ready to renovate your space. The question is, are you ready for a renovation with Travertine Stones in Sydney?


This was all that we had to offer in this blog. I hope, you have enriched your knowledge of travertine. We have tried our best to give you the most authentic information. For more, feel free to send an email. Call us if you will.

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