5 Reasons Why Granite Stones in Sydney is Hot-Selling



5 Reasons Why Granite Stones in Sydney is Hot-Selling

by | May 14, 2022

Are you planning to renovate your home and the kitchen is the focus area? A bit of research and the right professional is the cocktail you need to arrive at the kitchen of your dreams. The best thing about renovation is that even a bit of it can bring about a dramatic change. Granite Stones in Sydney can be used creatively to render an amazing kitchen that people won’t stop admiring.


Alternatively one may also go for some other stones like marble, quartz or engineered stones. What do you want to go for? If none of these suits your taste then you may find out about Travertine Stones in Sydney by clicking here.


There are many options and each has its advantages and downsides. However, in this blog, we shall only see if granite is a good fit for the kitchen.


Granite is durable wherever we spend money at home, we want to go in for the long run. Like Christmas clothes, you cannot have a newly installed kitchen every year. Durability becomes an important factor here. Nobody would want to forge their kitchen in flimsy weak materials that start to chip and wither away after a while. Granite Stones in Sydney is going to be around for a long.


1. Sustainable


There is a debate as to which are sustainably better-engineered stones or natural stones. Some say engineered stones are not quarried from nature. Therefore, they are sustainable. On the other hand, a lot of people say that engineered stones generate industrial waste that causes air and water pollution. Where do you stand on that continuum? If you look at the opinions of experts, it is not wrong to say that granite is a gift of nature, and sustainably quarrying it is a good thing. Also, industrial processes like fabrication, polishing, and so on do not generate waste. Granite Stones in Sydney is a good option and you can go for it.


2. Lift up the Value


The granite looks great. There are a variety of designs, patterns, and textures available in the market. If you are looking to have granite installed be sure that you are going to love your home after the work is done. In case you choose to sell your property for something better, getting a good price for the older one is important. Adding things like a granite benchtop, marble fireplace, and luxurious bathroom vanities tend to fetch better re-sell value for the property.


3. Lustrous and Luxurious


The glossy yet subtle appearance of granite stones is difficult to overlook. For a luxurious feel at home, granite stones in Sydney are what you should be looking at. The best thing about granite is that it looks more expensive than it is. It effortlessly adds a class and makes your home a better place to be. Unlike Travertine stones in Sydney, granite is versatile and can be used both inside and outside of homes. We think it is time for you to contact Granite Suppliers in Sydney.


4. Low Maintenance


Having a high-maintenance home décor may appear lucrative in the beginning but in the long run, it can become a source of your frustration. Installing granite stones in Sydney will spare you the hassle. Once it is installed, anywhere at home or office, all you need to do is maintain a regular clean routine to keep up the hygiene. Granite won’t take much time to clean up. It has a smooth surface that is easy to slide. A microfiber cloth soaked in warm water is all you need to have a shiny new granite slab.


Black Granite Benchtop


Granite and Marble- A Comparison worth Making


Granite and marble are the two natural stones that do rounds in the market. Of course, there are more but these two are highly demanded, all over the world. Granite stones in Sydney are used in a lot of construction projects and so are marbles. In this part of the blog, we shall compare the two and see which one scores better.


What’s good in granite?


• Granite comes at a reasonable cost. It is a natural stone for all people. It is preferred by many Australians over other expensive stones.


• Variety is important when we are installing something new at home. Granite gives us that.


• If granite is installed in the kitchen, the heat resistance feature is a lifesaver. Do not worry about hot pots and pans. Do not worry about heat damage when you choose Granite stones in Sydney.


What’s undesirable in granite?


• Since it is a natural product, there is a difference in composition in each slab.


• Granite develops scratches faster compared to other stones. Staining (over time) could also be a problem with granite. This can be postponed with a cleaning routine and occasional professional cleaning.


Why do experts recommend marble?


• Elegance is what sets marble apart. Its veins add an exotic look that has the power to transform any place it is installed at.

• Like granite too, marble is available in many colours

• And like its foe Granite stones in Sydney, Marble displays a good level of resistance to heat.


What are the downsides to choosing marble?


• Marbles are pretty expensive. It is not quarried in huge amounts. It is a scarce natural resource. Because of its scarcity, it is not quite affordable.


• Marble is durable and strong. However, it is prone to staining. It has a porous surface that lets stains from spills penetrate deeper. If not taken care of, marble may start to appear tainted, early on.


So, which one do you think you want to go for? Whatever you choose, AK Designer Stone is here to help you out.


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. For more, kindly get in touch with us. Feel free to send in your queries. Most importantly, keep your home well-sanitized and hygienic to stay away from all kinds of infections.

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