Best Stone Benchtops in Sydney in the Engineered Stone Category



Best Stone Benchtops in Sydney in the Engineered Stone Category

by | Apr 9, 2022

Are you are not into natural stones? Are you looking to try out something from the category of engineered stones? We encourage you to do that because the market for engineered stones is as good as natural stones. In a few areas, engineered stones are supplied and demanded in higher quantity compared to natural stones and considered Best Stone Benchtops in Sydney.

There are many stones in the engineered category.

In this blog, we shall go through all the stones and find out which one is better suited for your kitchen or bathroom installation.

Here are four major names when it comes to engineered stone in Australia:

WK Quantum Quartz

This is a leading supplier of both natural stone and engineered stone. There are about 40 varieties of engineered stones supplied by WK Quantum Quartz.


The motto here is ‘The Art of Ingenuity’. If you want your home to look like a masterpiece, they have got your back. The team of AK Designer Stone is proud to be working with Essastone.


If you had to set your dream in stone, what would you do? Well, you could go for Caesarstone. With Caesarstone, you arrive at a style that is completely yours.

Smart Stone

A new generation of engineered surfaces, they have an on-point technology to bring out new fabulous products.

A benchtop in any one of the above four will be the Best Stone Benchtops in Sydney

Best Stone Benchtops SydneyIs Engineered Stone better than Natural Stone?

Natural Stone and engineered stones are used in construction and renovation. It would be interesting to go through a comparison between the two. In this section of the blog, we will be doing the same. Let us get rolling!

• Durability

The very first test of comparison is that of durability. When we renovate our home, we try to add things that would last longer and withstand the test of time. Both engineered stones and natural stones are strong and durable and are considered Best Stone Benchtops in Sydney. However, most of the experts have agreed that engineered stones are chip resistant and scratch-resistant. Natural stones are prone to damage like scratches and chipping.

• Cleaning

When we talk about durability, we also have to include the cleaning method or the care routine. This makes the stone more durable and keeps them in good condition. In both natural stone and engineered stone a soft cloth soaked in warm water will do the trick. This is a common yet the most effective cleaning method to adopt. No need to buy expensive cleaners and arid detergents. Once a while, you may use a mild disinfectant. This is applicable to both categories of stones.

• Cost

There isn’t a huge difference in cost between the two best stone benchtops in Sydney- engineered stones and natural stones. However, homes that have granite and marbles tend to fetch more resell amounts than the engineered ones. So, if you are planning to move into a new home, in near futures, going for natural stone in the present home may be a good option in terms of resell value.

• Aesthetic

Natural stones are naturally sourced and their designs cannot be altered. In engineered stones, you get a variety of designs, textures and patterns. Customers have different opinions on aesthetics. Some like to have engineered stones because it adds more colours and patterns to the home. On the other hand, some like to add a hint of nature and go for natural stones. What kind of a person are you? What for you is the Best Stone Benchtops in Sydney?

• Production

Natural stone manufacturers and fabricators have to depend upon nature for its supply. Since the demand is more and the formation of natural stones in nature is a slow process, there is a huge production of engineered stones to fill the gap. The industry has been growing globally.

Wait here, we have got some more topics to explore.

Why Pick Granite Benchtops?

Granite is a highly demanded natural stone. It is used in residential and commercial spaces. If you are thinking to have benchtop or countertop installation in granite, here are a few points about granite you should go through:

• Since we are talking about Best Stone Benchtops in Sydney, granite has to be mentioned. It is strong and durable. Once the installation is done in granite, it’s good to go for generations to come. Low maintenance and classy, granite hardly goes wrong.

• Granite does not promote bacterial growth. It is easy to clean and stays fresh.

• It does not depreciate when it comes to value. By choosing granite, you are adding value to the home.

Why Marble is a good choice?

Just like granite, marble is a great choice to go for. Marble Countertops Sydney is popular forever. We shall find out why:

• Marble is timeless and is one of the Best Stone Benchtops in Sydney. It has a huge lifespan. Even in its tarnished form, it never loses its pristine look. When you add marble to your home, you are adding a slice of history and culture.

• It is beautiful but most people are not able to afford it. This is because it is rare in quantity and has to be quarried. Like engineered stones, they cannot be manufactured at will. This brings up the price.

Are you ready for that kind of investment? It is worth it for sure! If not, you may consider going for a quality engineered stone. Engineered stones are not Cheap Stone Benchtops in Sydney but they are affordable compared to natural stones.

So, which one do you think you want to go for? Not sure? Experts at AK Designer Stone can help you with that.

Hope the blog enriched your knowledge regarding Best Stone Benchtops in Sydney.

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