Top 5 Reasons to Pick Marble Countertops in Sydney



Top 5 Reasons to Pick Marble Countertops in Sydney

by | Apr 9, 2022


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There are countless reasons to go for marble countertops in Sydney. Since we have got limited time and we know you have an errand to run or an assignment to get back to, we are going to stick to the top 5 reasons to go for marble countertops.

Here is a list of reasons:

Been Here Since Ages!

Marble as a surface material has been coming down to us for ages. Since time immemorial, people have used marble for building structures. Time has changed and marble remains an important surface material, highly demanded in all corners of the world. If the marble has withstood the test of time, it is worth going for.

Timelessness and Elegance

Something timeless has got to be elegant and vice-versa. Incorporate elements of timelessness and elegance with marble countertops in Sydney. Benchtops in marble will survive for a long. Once you install it, it will stay there for generations to come.

Marble Countertops SydneyStrength and Durability

Strength and durability are two factors that play an important role. With marble, you get both. Marble benchtops won’t easily chip away or crack up. It provides a strong base for all kinds of kitchen activities.

Easy to Restore

Marble benchtops for sure is the Best Stone Benchtops in Sydney. Another major reason to support this claim is that marbles are easy to restore to their new state. With a bit of professional trick, you can get fresh-looking marble benchtops, as if newly installed. For this, make sure you go for professionals who know their job well.

Never Gets Old

Even though there are restoring services available for marble countertops in Sydney, marble hardly loses its charm even after being tarnished and stained. It looks great and has an appeal that is overshadowed by nothing. Is it not a good idea to invest in something that stays new for long? We think it is! Bet, you think the same!

Taking Care of Marble Countertops

Marbles are white to off-white in shade with greyish veins. Also, marbles are porous. These two features make marbles prone to damage and staining. However, this is not a matter to worry about! With a bit of care, you can keep marble benchtops in a good condition:

• There are primarily two kinds of marble countertops in Sydney -Honed Marbles and Polished Marbles. Honed marbles are characterized by a soft and satin finish. Polished ones are shiny with the ability to reflect light. Usually, the polished ones are vulnerable to stains and scratches. Needless to mention, polished ones need better care. Let us take a look at the care routine. We promise it is going to be simple.

• The very first step that we have got to take is sealing. Whether honed or polished, sealing is necessary. A good quality, high-grade sealant will penetrate deeper and settle firmly forming a protective film. Get in touch with a professional who refurnishes stones and tiles.

• Sealing cannot be delayed much. This is because marble is porous. If it is brought to use before sealing is done, it will catch stubborn stains which will be quite difficult to get rid of. So, sealing is a must. Nearly all professional installations of Marble countertops in Sydney are followed by sealing as the next step.

Steps to Follow After Sealing

Once the sealing is done what steps must you follow?

After this, there are hardly any steps. It is just a simple cleaning routine that you have got to maintain.

All you need is a small piece of a soft cloth and warm water. Soak the cloth in the warm matter and wipe clean your marble benchtop.

Make sure you have more than one piece of a soft cloth. This way you will have a dry one handy when the other one is still drying up. If the stain is intense, use warm soapy water instead of plain warm water. Never use arid cleaners or vinegar. If you clean the countertop daily, you will never need any professional clean-up. Be consistent with it.

If you have a polished marble type instead of a honed one, it can be re-polished.

That was all about keeping the marble benchtop sparkly clean! Let us move to another topic now. What else do you want to know about marble countertops in Sydney?

How much does Marble Countertops Cost?

Though marble is a natural product, Nature offers several varieties of marble. Based on the scarcity of availability, the cost will also differ. For example, India had its marble production but the marble used in the construction of the Taj Mahal was imported from Persia. Similarly, in Australia too we have got different grades of marble. Hence, quoting a single price for all marble countertops may lead you to confusion. The best thing to do right here is to get in touch with a professional.

Get in touch with experts at AK Designer Stone and we are going to send a quote, you would not mind going ahead with it!

Marble is one of the Best Stone Benchtops in Sydney. If you have decided on marble, let us tell you, it is a fabulous option to go for. You will never regret this choice.

Now the next step is to get in touch with Marble Suppliers in Sydney. It is time to bring a change in the way your home looks and feels. Start with countertops!

This was all for this blog. We wish you all the best for the renovation and installation of countertops. It will turn out great. Your guests will not stop complimenting your décor sense. You have got it! AK Designer Stone is here with you for marble countertops in Sydney.

For any query on countertop installation and marble supply, call us.

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