What are the Best Materials for Bathroom Vanity Countertops



What are the Best Materials for Bathroom Vanity Countertops

by | Feb 8, 2021

Gateway Sydney BuildingExperience the experiential three Popular stone top vanities for bathrooms and review the Pros and Cons.

Regardless of whether you’re choosing stone top vanities for bathrooms as a feature of a complete bathroom remodels or simply searching for an approach to spruce up your existing space, you have more amazing, functional choices and decisions than any time before available at every price point.

Your stone top vanities for bathrooms choice decision should have the option to stand up to water, soap, toothpaste, cosmetics, and liquor. Fortunately, most surfaces that work in the kitchen will likewise work in the bathroom. Top choice decisions consist of granite, marble, cultured marble (a human-made surface made of real marble chips and resin), solid surfaces, tile, and wood.

Although bathroom stone top vanities for bathrooms see less wear and tear than kitchens, you might need to consider low-scoring materials as there are numerous dangers for scratching in a washroom. How about we look at a few of the most prominent bathroom vanity materials.


The Best Choices for Bathroom Vanity Tops

Today, we have a wide assortment of materials to look over, including natural stone, solid surfaces, laminates, tile, and glass. All have advantages and disadvantages. They all arrive in an assortment of tones, colors, textures, and surfaces also costs can range extensively. Here’s a glance at the main five surfaces homeowners opt-out for their stone top vanities for bathrooms.


Granite is a wonderful natural stone that is a famous choice offering homeowners an extraordinary worth. It arrives in a wide assortment of colors and tones, and every slab is remarkable. With designs and patterns from subtle to bold, you’ll find the ideal piece for your requirements with simply a bit of apt searching. Another leverage and the general is that granite is hard, scratch-resistant, and minimal upkeep will last forever. Granite is such a well-known stone top vanity for bathrooms in its truest nomenclature; it could add value to your home! Today, granite is one of the more affordable natural stone choices.


For a long time, granite was the most well-known stone top vanity for bathrooms with both homeowners and designers. Today, we’re seeing an ever-increasing number of homeowners and designers settling on lovely quartz countertops. Quartz has replaced granite as the number one choice. Quartz is one of nature’s hardest and most abundant minerals on earth. Quartz stone top vanities for bathrooms are a human-made design material that employs nearly 95% natural quartz dust and chips. These are bonded together with the assistance of resins. The pigment is then added to create color and tone throughout the stone. Popular brand names consist of Caesarstone, Cambria and Silestone. Quartz is more durable and tougher as compared to granite. It doesn’t require sealing and is resistant to moisture, stains, and bacteria in a natural manner. Quartz can match excellent quality high-end granite and marble in price. Likewise, honed, textured, or finished surfaces can show fingerprints, so you’ll have to wipe it down more regularly.


For quite a long-time, marble has been viewed as an image of extravagance and great taste. Marble is a hard, crystalline type of limestone and arrives in a wide choice of colors and shading variations. The most well-known is white with streaks of grey. It’s a durable, long-lasting, strong material that can be polished to a brilliant sparkle or honed and sharpened to a more casual matte finish. Marble should be intermittently re-sealed, and its porosity makes it prone to stains, scratching and etching.

Here at A K Designer Stone, we love the excellence of marble and have tested several sealers. We’ve discovered that Dry-Treat sealer (presently known as Stain-Proof) is the best product item for making a strong, durable, semi-permanent surface for marble. Dry-Treat is an impregnating sealer, implying it infiltrates profoundly into the stone top vanities for bathrooms to make an impervious protective barrier. Dry-Treat is viable to the point that it warranties stone top vanities for bathrooms that have been suitably treated for an extensive time.

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