The Pros And Cons Of Limestone Benchtops



The Pros And Cons Of Limestone Benchtops

by | May 8, 2021

Limestone BenchtopWhen it comes to creating a kitchen design plan — choosing the right benchtop is fundamental.

Searching For Your Next Limestone Masterpiece?

One sign of an incredible kitchen is a natural stone benchtop. With regards to selecting a natural stone, you have a tonne of choices, that can all be amazing in your kitchen. Limestone has some genuine focal assets and drawbacks regarding utility. It has a profound sophistication and uniqueness, no matter the shape or use.

Need to know the leverages and limitations of getting a limestone benchtop in Sydney?

Here are the exact pros and cons of limestone you should know before you consider buying a limestone benchtop.

Pros: Elegant Beauty And Aesthetic Sense:

Limestone is one of the most delightful stones that exists on the planet. It isn’t just staggeringly lavish; it additionally subdues bold colours and tones that you may have as a piece of your interior design, while still also finding a way into more minimalist designs. The thing about limestone is that regardless of what the rest of the room resembles, limestone is perpetually going to fit. Since limestone consistently fits, it is quite possibly the most well-known stone on the planet in terms of building and interior design.

It’s made probably some of the most notable structures that the world has ever known. That’s including the Great Pyramid, the Empire State Building and the Lincoln Memorial. A few people have built their whole houses out of limestone. No stone can quite reach the excellence of limestone as a building material. Settling on it is an unimaginably exquisite choice. As your chosen natural stone for your kitchen benchtop, it will simplify the design process. As well as work with the aesthetics of any room you have been looking to renovate or redesign.


Cons: Maintenance For Limestone Is Crucial

Dissimilar to other species of natural stone that you can use for your benchtop, limestone will set aside some effort as far as maintenance is concerned. That implies that you must ensure that you don’t put down a hot pan on it. While, as a natural stone, your benchtop will be heat resistant it is not heatproof. A hot pan can no doubt crack, burn or stain your stone countertop if you’re not careful. Simultaneously, you would do best by using cutting boards and other protective surfaces on top of your limestone benchtop to prevent it from other scratches. You can treat and seal limestone to protect it against harm or damage. In the case that limestone does get stained, the good thing is that it can get cleaned and that stains will also generally fade out over time. However, generally, you need to look after and wipe down your limestone benchtop to ensure it remains looking beautiful. If you are a person who enjoys keeping your kitchen clean and tidy, especially after each use, you’re an ideal and perfect contender for a limestone benchtop.


Is Limestone Benchtop Apt For You?

No stone can imitate the beauty of limestone. However, that excellence accompanies a cost. You need to upkeep your limestone with an appropriate level of maintenance to keep it looking exceptional. This means that you ensure that you’re working hard to shield it from scratches and keep it far from extraordinary heat. While this might sound a little intimidating, it is really simple; utilise a cutting board every time you cut food and use the stove to place your heated pots and pans. For the vast majority out there, a limestone benchtop is the ideal surface for their kitchen requirements.


Does Limestone Make A Decent Benchtop?

With regards to kitchen benchtops, limestone is an attractive and heat resistant choice and decision. While limestone is more porous than other stone choices, an infiltrating sealer will keep the material’s colour and shading flawless. At the same time, it will make the surface more stain-resistant. So, a limestone benchtop is precisely a decent resource for all your kitchen interiors.


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