Stone vs Laminate – What works best for you



Stone vs Laminate – What works best for you

by | Feb 1, 2021

Black Granite Benchtop

Stone versus Laminate Benchtops: Which material turns out best for you

One of the significant choices you’ll make when planning the perfect design for your kitchen is picking your benchtop.

A kitchen benchtop is perhaps the most used area of a home — it’s the place where you cook, prepare meals, suppers, and engage. An engineered stone benchtop can work out as a focal point of aesthetics and style; however, it needs to prove the test of time as a space that’s used on a routine basis. Yet, before you get into the bare essential of colour, shading, shape, texture, and surface, the best option you should make descends to its material:  engineered stone or laminate.

However, what are the distinctions, and what makes one item better than the other?

Let’s look at both the materials in detail.

Unrevealing Engineered Stone Benchtop as your best kitchen bet

Stone is an amazing material and can instantly change any space making it more luxurious.

Each engineered stone benchtop is a masterpiece of its kind. Similarly, as no two rocks are the same in their formations, veins, and look, there are also no two engineered stone benchtops. This is ideal for individuals who need a unique look and finish for their home.

It likewise has a tactile allure and appeal. Run your hands over the stone, feel its cool surface and its smooth texture justifies itself. In addition to the fact that it looks great, it feels amazing as well.

Even though there are a couple of things to remember, like any other high-end and premium quality product item, the stone has a price that reveals and reflects its truest nomenclature. Stone is likewise a permeable product item, which means you must consider staining substances like red wine, coffee, and turmeric. It will likewise require some progressing maintenance to help it continue to appear at its best.

Furthermore, as a result of its resonating properties, it tends to be loud; for example, when you put a glass down.

At A K Designer Stone, we use engineered stone benchtops as being prudent suppliers of choice. The incredible thing about engineered stone is that it is uniquely engineered to keep the surface from staining, scratching, and citric acid marks.

Opting For Laminate as your preferred material choice

The other enticing and lucrative preferred choice is Laminate. Perhaps the best thing about laminate is that it arrives in a myriad of choices — around 200 to be precise. Finishes comprise the sought-after look of veined branded marble, impactful textured and finished surfaces and clean yet colourful designs.

Laminate is extraordinary and of great utility for families. This is a sturdy product item equipped for dealing with all the standard wear and tear those busy families, and bustling day-to-day life brings. It’s impervious to surface wear, boiling water, staining and much more.

As far as sustainability is concerned, laminate can give the appearance of stone or wood while not really drawing on those resources.

The myth and fantasy that laminate is made of plastic are false; rather, its components come from paper layers.

Notwithstanding that, laminate is less expensive than stone. So in addition to the fact that it looks great and has incredible functionality, it’s a less expensive choice.

At A K Designer Stone, a Laminate benchtop is our standard consideration, and you can pick the best from a wide range of excellent high-quality finishes, styles and functions.

To conclude

Cooking, meal preparation, engaging entertainment— your kitchen bench is quite possibly the most used sought place item in your home. So, you need to ensure you have picked the correct material — stone or Laminate — to suit the vibe of your home as well as its usefulness.

Engineered Stone Benchtop adds instant luxe, feels incredible and is durable. On the other hand, laminate has an incredible price value. It comes in numerous colours, tones and finishes, and has multiple product items for various capacities and functions.

When planning your newly designed kitchen, you should invest your valuable time in contemplating your family’s usefulness, functionality and preferred lifestyle. Does your need to be durable,

At A K Designer Stone, all of our homes accompany a colour consultation in our Style Studio. Our colour consultants and specialists can direct you through your preferred choice and designing decision at our Style Studio.

Your benchtop will look extraordinary with a decent kitchen design plan and apt advice from our colour specialists and consultants, whether it’s finished with an

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