Stone Vanity Tops- Guidelines to Choose the Best Ones



Stone Vanity Tops- Guidelines to Choose the Best Ones

by | Feb 3, 2021

Black Granite BenchtopPurchasing stone vanity tops for your bathroom can be a task. This blog of apt guidelines and standards will help ensure you get the ideal stone vanity tops for your bathroom.

The stone vanity tops are exceptional and will not go unnoticed. This blog post will take you through the intricate details of picking stone vanity tops so you can settle on the ideal decision for your remodel.

Five Apt, Best and Promising Materials for A Bathroom Stone Vanity Top

Regardless of whether you’re totally revamping your bathroom or simply searching for an approach to tidy it up, stone vanity tops are an extraordinary choice.

Even though bathroom stone vanity tops don’t usually face similar abuse as their kitchen counterparts (think hot utensils and knives), they encounter harm from regular use. That is why it’s essential to pick a material which is alluring and just as tough.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Bathroom Stone Vanity Top

Before picking the material for your stone vanity top, you need to choose whether you will utilise the space as a full bathroom or powder room.

Dissimilar to a full bathroom utilised regularly and presented to a wide range of items, a powder room is a more modest space with less exposure to chemicals and stains. Additionally, if you have children, the odds are that colour, shading pens and sticky substances (like candies and chocolates) may discover their way there.

The key to picking the best bathroom stone vanity top is discovering one appropriate to your family’s lifestyle. For instance, if your family has children or youngsters, your stone vanity top should be adequately sturdy to resist all spills, scratches, and dents.

Five Most Popular and Preferred Bathroom Countertop Materials

There are many bathroom stone vanity top materials, and your greatest test is to pick one that meets your requirements. Peruse on to find out about the various types, including their leverages and potential limitations.

  1.     Granite

Disregarding being costly, granite is a popular stone vanity top material for bathrooms. It is extremely durable and tough, especially when appropriately sealed to keep away from scratches and staining.

Its wide scope of examples, patterns, styles, and design plans make it easy for you to pick one that enhances your bathroom’s aesthetic décor, style, and theme.

Maintenance Concerns: Granite stone vanity tops should be cleaned utilising liquid detergent and warm water. Shun the use of harsh cleaners (with chemicals) to stain and dull the surface. Eliminate small scratches and chips with gentle polishing. They likewise should be sealed every six months up to a year.

  1. Laminate 

Flexible, moderate, and appealing, laminate is the go-to stone vanity top material for many homeowners. Composed using a thin plastic surface that’s pressure secured to the particleboard, laminate stone vanity tops are tough, sturdy, and durable. Because of printing innovation and technology, you can get laminate with realistic wood or stone-like finishes.

Maintenance Concerns: Any kind of spill (particularly cosmetics) need to be cleared right away. Wipe routinely with a delicate cotton fabric dipped in mild liquid detergent or some other (chemical-free) cleaning specialist.

  1. Quartz

Hard, tough, durable, and non-permeable, quartz is a definitive decision for modern bathroom stone vanity tops. Composed using 95% normal quartz dust bonded with chips, resins, and recycled materials, it’s one of the hardest and most durable materials on earth. It’s harder than granite, doesn’t need sealing, and is naturally impervious to stains, moisture and mould.

Maintenance Concerns: Clean with a sponge or delicate fabric dipped in mild soap and warm water. Wipe a short time later with a dry material.

  1. Travertine

An extravagant looking natural stone, travertine comes in scope and range of colours, tones and beautiful designs and decorative patterns that are like marble yet more moderate and affordable as far as stone vanity tops are concerned. This natural stone is normally accessible in varied finishes – honed, sharpened, cleaned, tumbled, and brushed. Being moderately permeable, travertine countertops should be cautiously and consistently sealed for durable and long-lasting assurance and protection.

Maintenance Concerns: Use only basic based cleaning specialists.

  1. Concrete

Concrete is durable, appealing, and reasonable as well as an affordable stone vanity top material. Available in a range of colours and shadings, surfaces, and textures, it permits a colossal space for innovativeness and customisation. Some installers (on request) can likewise embed stone, tile, or pieces of polished glass into the surface during manufacture and fabrication. As natural stones, concrete is normally permeable and requires periodic sealing and maintenance. You can either combine it with a vital concrete sink or another sort.

Maintenance Concerns: Avoid harsh scrubbers or cleaning solutions as these can disintegrate the surface sealer. Utilise just a pH-neutral cleaner.

Many components go into a well-planned bathroom. If you overlook any of these basics, you will compromise on space’s look and functionality. One such significant parameter is your stone vanity top. Use this blog post as a comprehensive guide for selecting the best stone vanity top materials that suit you best.

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