How Long Does A Stone Benchtop Installation Take?



How Long Does A Stone Benchtop Installation Take?

by | May 4, 2021

Stone benchtops are strong, durable and hygienic, it’s no wonder then that so many homeowners in Sydney desire an installation.

In the hands of an experienced mason, a stone benchtop installation takes only a negligible amount of time. Depending on the size of the benchtop and the complexity of the design and installation. It generally can be anywhere between 2-4 hours for an average sized countertop, to half a day.

This is because proficient stonemasons make all the holes and grooves for joining as operational as possible ahead of time in their workshop. So that less time and labour is needed at your home. There’s also not too much need to worry about causing too much disturbance to the neighbours, these days. Responsible masons take considerate measures to limit the noise from the machinery, so that it only really bothers the labourers on the job.

Not all of the work can be limited to the workshop, however. Masons will still need to drill holes on-site to place in the pipes needed for your tapware and kitchen sink. They will also need to carry in and put the heavy stone pieces of your new countertop together.


The Perfect Timing

Stonemasons will generally attempt to work in the morning on weekdays when noisy work is more permissible. When looking for a stonemason, one that cares about your experience will limit or reduce their operations outside

Black Granite Benchtop the factory. So that all the subsequently sharp sounds from the process will be limited there, instead of causing outrage and disturbance among your neighbours.

A stone benchtop installation is a fool-proof procedure for reliable stonemasons, no matter the setting. Whether it is a new building or structure, a separate private cottage, office, shop or restaurant.

Given the busyness of most people’s lives today, most stonemasons understand that they may also need to be prepared to look after clients’ benchtop installations on weekends and holidays, or late at night when visitors or guests are no longer present. Our stone benchtop installers can often accommodate their schedule to fit within yours. However, for the best information regarding the time we work, we recommend getting in touch.

Service Delivery

Heavy stone benchtops in Sydney require careful consideration and handling. They transport the product in an upstanding position, safely fixed in a place at the back of a special vehicle. Efficiently ensuring no damage to the surface during the delivery.

A natural stone such as granite or marble tends to be more delicate than artificially engineered quartz. Therefore, our installers give natural stone benchtops in Sydney more consideration, based on their unique features and requirements.

Installation Proceedings

The client chooses at what date and time we install the stone. However, we always install the benchtops before other furniture and fixtures in the kitchen in a new home. With the use of the latest technology, minimal dirt and debris results in the process. And with any that arises, a trusted stonemason should clean up the mess after themselves. Just in case, we also recommend removing any mobile objects from the room and closing the door for the remaining time with the construction firm. To protect your goods from dust, dirt, etc.

There are a few choices you can consider for the foundation you lay your stone benchtop on in Sydney. Stone kitchen benchtops are usually suspended on a dependable wooden or metal frame. These benchtops are sealed together with silicone and special stone chemicals. At that point, the sink and tapware are also often implemented.

If the house is still in the midst of construction, and the future owners prefer modern design, an option you can consider is to use stone slab supports on both ends of your stone benchtop in Sydney. It is advised to procure support on at least along two sides (angular arrangement) and within a niche – from three. At this point you can count on your stone benchtop installation to be well structurally sound.

When undertaking restoration or construction works, stone benchtops in Sydney are installed last. Else, the surface will be damaged by construction tools or items that have accidentally fallen. First walls and ceiling should be made, and then kitchen cabinets must be installed. At that point, it is ideal for installing stone benchtops.

Stone Benchtop Installation Sydney

With the assistance of specialised professionals, the process of replacing your existing stone benchtop in Sydney becomes so much simpler. Stonemason professionals look after your entire benchtop installation in a customised manner that meets all your requirements. They work in tandem with the client to create a benchtop that suits your innate lifestyle and home design.

What Are You Required To Do To Prepare For The Installation?

The professionals will bring all they require for your stone benchtop installation. All you need to do is ensure there’s access to the site and that the area is clean and clear, and therefore ready for work.

Will There Be Many Disturbances In The House During The Process?

If you seek professional help and assistance, you can have the assurance of only minimal neighbourhood interruption. Yet having some noise and disruption is inescapable. The worksite itself will be a no-go area while the fitting is in progress. When you are expecting a stone benchtop to be fitted in your kitchen, you may need to think about making lunch in advance or finding an alternative arrangement.

Our professionals are neat and clean and will put down sheets to secure your home wherever necessary. The most labour intensive errand is trimming stone, which is why our stonemasons will leave this task at the workshop or outside the home.

Professional Assistance And Estimation Assessment

Seek professional assistance for an exact estimation and site assessment. For a proficient and hassle-free Stone Benchtop Installation in Sydney, call A K Designer Stone in Sydney.

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