The Ultimate Guide To Quartz Benchtops in Sydney



The Ultimate Guide To Quartz Benchtops in Sydney

by | May 4, 2021

When it comes to creating a kitchen design plan — choosing the right benchtop is fundamental.

They take up most of the usable surface area in your kitchen and leave a lasting impact. Today, quartz makes the most popular stone benchtops.

But, with its price tag, you can find many materials today that reflect the design characteristics people find beautiful in quartzite. So how would you choose your ideal
quartz stone benchtop
? There are plenty of quartz-like surfaces to choose from: natural quartzite, sintered stone, printed or encaustic porcelain, engineered quartz, the list is endless!

Engineered quartz or natural quartzite is presumably the gold standard choice in modern kitchen design. It is promptly available, reasonably priced for a natural stone surface and it comes in every shade, variety and finish imaginable.

For What Reasons Has Quartz Benchtops in Sydney Become So Famous?

Quartz is quite possibly the most abundant mineral on earth. It’s also one of the hardest. These characteristics have led producers to use it as a surface material, and thus, quartz was created and soon found everywhere. Unlike quartzite, which is its raw natural form of rock, quartz is composed of a blend of natural properties and man-made counterparts.

It is now notably reputed as the most durable countertop material available on the market.

Leverages of Quartz Benchtops in Sydney



Quartz gives you the appearance of natural stone without the usual high price point. With its delightful appearance and practical completion, it has been the first choice for builders, designers and homeowners in kitchens for quite a while. Even amongst the full range of options in quartz stone benchtops.



Due to their production, quartz stone benchtops usually have a uniform appearance all throughout the slab, in contrast to marble and granite. In the case you are somebody who doesn’t desire the flaws or imperfections that comes with a naturally sourced product, an engineered quartz stone benchtop could be what you are looking for. This is especially helpful for enormous kitchens that will require joins, or those wanting uniformity with a book matched, vein matched or waterfall end finish. The manufactured consistency of quartz stone benchtops provides a beautifully polished appearance.



Due to the expert blend of quartz’s stone benchtop already naturally hard makeup, and resin binders, engineered stone offers perhaps the most durable and trustworthy benchtop surfaces available.


Low Porosity:

Quartz definitely does not have a permeable surface like other types of stone. The resin binders in the engineered surface seals the material, so that it cannot be effortlessly infiltrated by moisture or liquids. This stands as a distinct difference to natural materials that need to have spills cleaned up right away on immediate impact.



Many quartz stone benchtops and brands will advertise their surface as being scratch resistant. This makes it an incredible surface for kitchen benchtops as it shouldn’t be heavily affected by knife marks.



Continuing from the discussion on quartz’s low level of porosity, Quartz Benchtops in Sydney has a resistance against stains from spills. Therefore liquids, such as water, juice, oil, wine, other alcoholic beverages, and coffee should not impact it.



As quartz surfaces don’t absorb liquids, quartz stone benchtops are antimicrobial. This means it is hard for bacteria to stay and grow, for a benchtop that remains hygienic in the long run. Likewise, as many Quartz Benchtops in Sydney installations don’t require huge and/or numerous joins, there is nowhere for grime to build up in seamed areas.


Easy Maintenance:

Upkeeping quartz isn’t a troublesome task; it only requires minimal maintenance. There are separate cleaning directions given for every individual brand. However, most will only propose basic cleaning solutions such as mild soap and warm water to keep quartz clean and eliminate stains.


Lasts The Test Of Time:

If you look after your benchtop correctly, quartz stone benchtops can keep going for quite a long time. Suppliers frequently include a 10-to-15-year warranty (although this can be easily voided with the manufacturer).


Easily Manufactured/Fabricated:

Engineered quartz stone benchtops are by far our stone fabricators most favourite material to manufacture and install. It is a simpler process to cut, mix and polish.


The Drawbacks Of Quartz Benchtops in Sydney

Isn’t The Most Affordable Choice Decision:


While compared with natural stone, engineered quartz stone benchtops can generally be more reasonable and affordable— that isn’t to stay you can really call it cheap. Indeed, even some superior grading quartz products surpass quartzite or other natural stone in cost.


Not UV Stable:

Most quartz stone benchtops product items are not UV stable — which means they may at least blur in design, fade or change tone when exposed to direct sunlight. In certain instances, quartz may even start to twist and bow because of an overabundance of UV exposure.


Not Appropriate For Outdoor Use:

Quartz stone benchtops product items are most appropriate for indoor applications. Most manufacturers will void the warranty on a quartz product if it is installed outdoors. This is especially certain when it is uncovered and exposed to the outside elements.


Can’t Withstand Outrageous Heat:

Although many quartz stone benchtops are heat resistant, they can’t withstand an extraordinary amount of heat. Quartz stone benchtops can experience ‘heat shock.’ This commonly alludes to the cracks or breaks that emerge in a surface when something hot meets something cold. Other trendy materials on the market claim that they won’t be influenced by heat shock. So, in the case you require a benchtop to hack the heat, a quartz stone benchtop probably isn’t the correct decision for you.


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