Marble Kitchen Benchtops in Sydney: Pros and Cons



Marble Kitchen Benchtops in Sydney: Pros and Cons

by | May 5, 2021

Marble is the quintessence of extravagance. Bright and smooth, with the luscious designs in naturally unique veining, it is a showstopper in any room. It’s no surprise that many desire this beautiful material for the tabletop surface in their kitchen.

However, there’s more you need to consider before purchasing a marble benchtop installation in Sydney (besides what type of marble and design). As a premier material in interior design, you should prepare yourself for what to expect when it comes to installing and owning a marble benchtop before you sign on for one. Whether for your kitchen, bathroom, or lobby.


The Perfect Timing

Marble is formed from limestone by heat and pressure. This transformation is believed to have taken place only after millions of years, which is why most marble is found and sourced in mountains.

Compared to other species of natural stone, marble tends to be a softer and more permeable stone. Which means it needs an impregnating sealer to ensure that it is protected against stains from spills. However, as a softer surface to work with, it has also become one of the most versatile choices in natural stone for construction and design.

Marble CountertopBesides the white and grey composition that most know it for it, marble is also available in other different colours, shades, texture, subtlety and boldness of vein, and other patterns. So revered, it has been used to build temples for deities and tombs for royals or nobility, since its discovery in ancient past.

Today, marble is still used in construction to add a sense of grandeur in the home as well as other prestigious establishments.

Modern stonemasons have allowed us to use marble everywhere today. From walls with marble wall tiles to elegantly tiled floors, and in the kitchen with marble benchtops, backsplashes, and bathroom vanity countertops, etc.

So Why Marble Kitchen Benchtops?

As a natural stone, marble benchtops offer a great long-term investment for your home. They look astounding and can bring a true feeling of style and extravagance to your kitchen. Marble benchtop in Sydney take more care to look after, but like other species of stone, they can also be grinded, honed and sealed again later.

Marble Kitchen Benchtops – The Pros And Cons

Pro: An Opulent Choice

Marble has been the stone of choice and decision from everything castles past, to many commercial applications of premier quality now. That has been used for monuments, ballrooms, lobbies, walls, decorative floorings, marble benchtops, backsplashes, and more. Its own natural design is a point of fascination for many for its excellence, elegance, and uniqueness. Designers can choose it as an accent that blends in with the surrounding décor or as the focal point in a room. A marble benchtop in your kitchen in Sydney is sure to quickly garner attention.

Con: Expensive

Marble is the ideal illustration of extravagance, and elegance is rarely cheap and inexpensive. So, no doubt, a real marble slab will hardly ever be found at the same costs as other countertops. There are alternatives today that you might consider such as marble look porcelain or marble look quartz benchtops that take on the design of marble, without the price tag. But for some people, the unique features and sparkle of the natural stone is hard to pass up.

Pro: Natural Stone With Endless Design Possibilities

Marble is a natural stone that effortlessly makes a statement. Marble is available in a wide scope of colours and shades that are white, beige, grey, exotic green, black and pink. Out of all the natural stone types, marble is also most widely known for its veining. Which can be thick and inconspicuous, or feathered and giving a softer appearance. It stands apart with its natural beauty and is why marble benchtops have become such a timeless option in kitchens and lobbies in Sydney.

Con: Delicate And Softer Than Other Natural Stone

Marble is a gentler and more porous stone, more so than other natural stone commonly used for benchtops like granite and so forth. This makes it more susceptible to staining and carving. Be that as it may, with the right sealer, finish and appropriate consideration and maintenance, marble can maintain a look that’s ‘as good as new’ for quite a long time. Some finish choices, such as a honed finish for marble benchtops in Sydney can assist with blending the appearance of etching over a more polished finish.

Pro: Easy To Work With

Marble is a delicate stone, which is why it is not difficult to work with. It tends to be easily cut, moulded, and shaped effectively with insignificant exertion. Which means less labour and hard work for constructing marble benchtops.

Con: High Maintenance And Care

Kitchen marble benchtops require greater consideration and maintenance. Marble is a porous natural stone, so appropriate sealing is needed to protect it and its beauty and excellence. Try not to expose acidic foods to marble and use non-acidic cleaners to clean your marble benchtop. Utilise cutting boards, potholders and trivets and so on to stay away from scratches, burns and other types of damages. Periodic sealing will also be required every year, or every second year, to shield the marble from potential damage.

Pro: Increases Property Value With Prudent Maintenance

A well maintained marble benchtop is sure to be a piece that captures the attention of potential buyers. So, you can expect it to raise the price of estimation of your home. Beautiful, iconic and luxurious, as marble benchtops often are an installation in the kitchen that impresses guests, it will no doubt leave your kitchen or open living room as a memorable feature when they are considering buying a home.

Con: Marble Is Heavy

Marble is a substantially heavy stone. You shouldn’t consider installing a marble benchtop in Sydney on your own, as you may harm yourself. The weight of the stone will also add to the expense of delivery and labour costs.

Pro: Each Marble Benchtop is Unique

Marble benchtops are utterly unique. Not one is the same considering their veining, shade, and underlying structural model. They are also an organic material, which benchtops expertly showcase with their unique distinctive features as a natural stone. Cool to the touch, raw and natural, they work with a great deal of modern, contemporary and more ‘raw’ and natural looks in home design today.

Con: Marble Isn’t The Ideal Choice For Every Home

A great deal of maintenance is needed to look after a kitchen marble benchtop, to keep one looking new and excellent. For some people, the cost, maintenance, and the attention needed to protect marble in a high traffic area such as a benchtop makes it a deal breaker, and that’s okay. Maybe you still desire the prestige of marble, but as a splashback instead, or walls tiles, or with a good imitative alternative. There are also other beautiful and strong options in natural stone for your benchtop such as granite, quartz, or limestone.

Professional Assistance And Exact Estimation

Seek professional assistance for an exact estimation or site assessment for your own marble benchtop in Sydney. Call A K Designer Stone to talk to one of our experts, for more personalised information based on your kitchen and the design you desire.

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