5 Reasons to go for Engineered Stone Benchtops in Sydney



5 Reasons to go for Engineered Stone Benchtops in Sydney

by | Apr 9, 2022


If you have stumbled upon this blog, chances are, you are looking to install a new benchtop or a countertop. Or maybe you are thinking to get some stonework done at home or office. Let us tell you have arrived at the right place.

Countertops, benchtops and other stone installations are done primarily in two types of stones- Engineered Stone and natural stones. This blog is dedicated to developing a better understanding of Engineered Stone Benchtops in Sydney, as its demand is rising.

Classy look for a low price

engineered stones look great. They provide a fine finish. Most homeowners and lifestyle experts are opting in favour of engineered stones. They cost less and offer a look that does not look cheap. In fact, it is every bit classy. Most homeowners have provided positive feedback after having engineered stones installed. The shift from marble to granite in natural stones happened because granite was relatively cheaper. With the advent of engineered stones especially quartz, granite too is gradually losing its momentum. It is time to realize the importance of Engineered Stone Benchtops in Sydney.

• Availability is a relief!

It is a relief to know that engineered stones are available and can be purchased and manufactured at will. Unlike natural stones, engineered stones don’t have to be quarried. It is manufactured based on the demands in the market. This is the reason why so many huge construction and real estate projects are making use of engineered stones. The outcome is great. You would be happy to have engineered stone benchtops as they are one of the Best Stone Benchtops in Sydney.

• Engineered stones are resistant to heat

While it is always wise to use coasters for hot pans and pots, engineered stones have a resistance to heat. However, we would never recommend testing that out. Use coasters no matter what type of stones you have installed in the kitchen area.

• Engineered Stone Benchtops in Sydney are also stain resistant

Well, not just Sydney! Anywhere in the world, engineered stones are heat resistant. A kitchen is a messy place usually. Spills and stains are a common everyday occurrence. Engineered stones do not stain. Hence, this makes cleaning a cakewalk. Just a piece of soft cloth, some warm water and a sparkly kitchen are ready!

• Low Maintenance- an important point to note!

Often we get lost in the beauty of things and forget to find out if the product is low maintenance or not. Engineered stones are low maintenance. The cleaning process is simple. As a homeowner, you will not have to spend a lot in keeping it new. Just a regular cleaning will go a long way to maintaining Engineered Stone Benchtops in Sydney.

• Are you Eco-friendly?

Now, the debate regarding the eco-friendliness of engineered stones is endless. While reports of unhealthy manufacturing practices of engineered stones are there, it is to be noted that engineered stones are regionally produced. This has helped in the reduction of shipment carbon emissions. Also, it is not naturally quarried. It is man-made. In a way, it preserves the environment.

In the section below, we shall find out some more interesting facts on marbles and engineered stones.

Engineered Stone Benchtops SydneyIs Marble Really Better than Engineered Stones?

If I tell you Engineered Stone Benchtops in Sydney is better than marble, do not believe me because this is a false statement. Marble is timeless and incomparable.

There is nothing better than marble when it comes to stone installation. At least, that is what most of the homeowners and home décor experts say. I am sure you will have the same opinion if you have ever had marble at home or office. What do you think of marble?

However, the thing that we all overlook is its price. Marbles are rare in quantity and are hard to quarry. Its fabrication/finishing also take time. Due to this, there is a limited supply which has pulled up the price quite a bit.

On the other hand, engineered stones are artificially made and can be made in any quantity, depending on the need of the market. It has been such a saviour! Engineered Stone Benchtops in Sydney is gaining popularity and will continue to do so!

There are a lot of benefits offered by engineered stones. If it is not for those benefits, go for engineered stones for its price, especially if you are slightly low on budget and have got more important things to take care of.

So, the bottom line is-marbles are great and so are engineered stones. Both have their own advantage points and their own downsides.

What do you think? Which one would like to go for? Are you confused about that?

Well, don’t be! Experts at AK Designer Stone are here to help you out with Engineered Stone Benchtops in Sydney and more.

How to find the Cheapest Engineered Stone in Benchtop?

Finding the cheapest engineered stones could be a bit of work. In fact, it is the wrong question to ask. Often the cheapest of engineered stones are low in quality. What you must look for is good quality engineered stones with an affordable price range.

Professionals must have a nominal fee for service and competitive pricing for the products. Be aware of those who try to charge you too much or those who charge you an astonishingly low price. Go for something in between! That is where the sweet spot is.

Hope this blog has enriched your knowledge on Engineered Stone Benchtops in Sydney. If yes, we would happy to hear from you.

This was all for now. We hope you are keeping healthy! Take care and bye!

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